The Sunday Currently 01 | So Let’s Begin

So, hello. Let’s do introduction next time and jump now to my first entry for The Sunday Currently. (You’ll know why eventually)


C U R R E N T L Y 

The Spirit-Controlled Woman by Beverly La Haye (and the chats of my ypckada on our FB messenger group lol)

The Sunday Currently Vol. 1 — Finally! I have been thinking about writing again but couldn’t find the right avenue to do so. I wanted to go back to blogging again and have been thinking about a lot of plans with my yet imaginary blog site but I realized that the more I think about it, the more I won’t be able to do it… So yep, I just started with The Sunday Currently to warm up the rusted writer in me.

“But I know you lie. Cause your lips are moving. Baby don’t you know I’m done.” This little girl is singing that song as she auditions for American Idol (season I-cannot-remember) and yep, she got in. Good for you young lady!

About tomorrow. First day of work…. Again. 😐 Whew, the toughest day of the week lol 😂 And actually cause I still have a report that I have not even started. For the boss. (So help me, God.) 😫

I don’t know, actually. I cannot smell anything. Sleep, maybe? I smell sleep… 💤 💤 💤

That I could sleep more than 6 hours tonight. But nah, that’s impossible cos its already 1030pm and I have to get up by 5am. And I’ll probably fall asleep by 12am. 🙈

For a great day tomorrow! Looking forward actually to gym. I enrolled myself to a one-year gym membership because I wanted an outlet for stress and a lot of my friends are getting married and I need to lose weight. (But honestly, losing weight is just second, I really need a stress-reliever.) 👊

A cropped white shirt for a comfy sando effect and boxer shorts. So ready to sleep after this! 😸

This first wordpress entry, actually. 💙 I have stopped writing for a long time (details you will know probably on my next entries but for now I have to finish this one haha) and I am actually enjoying typing whatever words that comes to my mind. 👯

A NEW LAPTOP! Lord, please. Help me find the perfect laptop with the right price. I have been looking around already for options and have been asking my techie friends for opinion (well since last year) but since I am very particular with spending my own money, I needed time and affirmation on what kind of lappy to buy lol. (Akala mo love eh noh? Hirap na hirap magdecide HAHAHA!)

A new closet. Kelangan ko na pasira yung current cabinet ko cos its that kind na nakakabit sa room itself and it has been there for years….. So I have to buy something detached to my room so I can rearrange my stuff. Hope I can find time to do all that this January or at least early February. #Grownupproblems 👀

Happy! Cos I just finished my first blog entry! 💪 Well, what’s an idea without actually doing it right? And I have been planning to go back to blogging since October last year. 🙊 So yep, 2016 — I think we’re off to a great start!


Tbh, I don’t know who will read this or if I will share this site to anyone but I promise to do introduction on my next entry. This is how I badly need stress-relievers in my life right now — writing and gym for 2016 ya’ll. 👌 I think I need them for therapy? So I could sleep waaaaaaaaaaaay earlier (plus I feel like I’m wasting precious times whenever I’m online for hours just scrolling through my Twitter, IG and FB. Social media can really be a lot of waste, you know?)

So yep, finishing my first entry. Glad I was able to! See you on my next entry, you imaginary reader lol. ⚓


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