Why Am I Here? ⚓

And I’m back. So like what I promised, I’ll do introduction on my next entry. 😺

We don’t actually have to go through the usual lengthy let me introduce my life to you cos for sure, as I continue to post more on this blog site, you will very much get a glimpse of who I am and what I am like. I will just give a little background, perhaps? 👀


I am a 25 year-old girl trying to make things work in the adult world. (I guess that’s the most perfect definition of myself 🙈)

I have now been working for 4 years, have a boyfriend of 4 years as well (who, I think, will sometimes be my topic heehee 😸) and I always had a passion for writing ever since I was in highschool. Back then, Tumblr and Multiply were becoming a hit because people are now into telling stories about themselves through posting album photos and blogposts. I, myself, was so addicted to doing it as well. I have kept journals, diaries and planners since I was in grade 6 (up until today) and being introduced to a different form of journaling made me all the more excited to write and tell stories about different things – mostly about my boyfriend at the time, my thoughts on life, frustrations and anger issues lol, and then later on, when I got serious with my relationship with the Lord, about Him, His faithfulness and goodness. And that is basically the reason why I made another personal blog site. To write about all these things again and perhaps inspire others along the way. 

Before this, I also have three other blog sites. My first ever was my Tumblr account which I started while I was still in highschool but something drastic happened in my life and stopped writing. After around three years, I wanted to go back to blogging again, but then my URL was being directed to another website and I can no longer access it. 😔 My years worth of posts, photos and sharings gone…. 😫 My second was on blogspot.com and I cannot remember my password and username on that one so I can’t use it as well anymore. Then the third, since I love Tumblr still, I created a new one (you can still visit it at http://www.awalkinprogress.tumblr.com) but I wanted to try wordpress for my personal blogging and thoughts dump – basically to declutter my mind of everything I am always always thinking about and hopefully by God’s wisdom and grace, people or imaginary readers will be able to get something out of whatever it is that I am blogging about.

So yes, this is me at wordpress. We’ll surely be spending more time this 2016 and you will surely get to know me better. Til my next post! 💚

The name by the way is, Svetlara Visaya. ⚓

Svetlara 01 - Intro Blog Photo





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