Four Years 💚

Today, my love and I are celebrating our four years of being together. 💓 And I praise the Lord for His faithfulness! Really, if it wasn’t for Him, we wouldn’t be together today — so happy sitting beside each other. 💑

4years 02

The past year has been wonderful, amazing and challenging for us. Had more responsibilities for us at work – he had a lot of out of town trips and I took over a higher role in the office – and those took a lot of energy and time from us but the Lord has been gracious, we were able to pull it off! Plus, the highlights of all is that we’re done with One Seminar 😊 And I am just so excited for this 2016, for all the things that will happen and for the things that we will get to experience as individuals and as a couple. 😄

Sometimes, I still cannot imagine that this person who I have met more than 15 years ago will fall in love with me and pursue me and actually stay in my life. Our story is like an endless strand of chances, but its actually more of a God-written fate. Our paths keep on bumping into each other until it was finally time to be together

Thank you my love, for never giving up on me all these years. Most especially for pursuing the Lord, because along the way, you found me pursuing Him as well — and the rest was amazingly crazy. 😚

Here’s to us, looking forward to more lunch dates together. ❤

4years 01



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