All or Nothing

I was not supposed to post an entry today but hey, I discovered a mobile app for WordPress — so let’s see if this will work. 😏

I came home from a bible study with our girl young leaders and thank you Lord, it was a great night. ❀ Tbh, back then, I never saw myself being so devoted and committed to discipling people. Growing up as a bunso (in a way, cos I am the youngest girl and my dad’s favorite) made me feel that I am always entitled to something, but through the years, I was able to really embrace my calling to teach and mentor young girls as they continue their walk with the Lord. I feel a different surge of inspiration and motivation whenever I am preaching about reaching out to others, discipling and developing them to be the person God calls them to be. Its such a good feeling to be a part of these girls’ journey in pursuing Lord and I continuously pray that one day, they will be able to emulate our love for the ministry and commit to it themselves.

Now, its as really been the cry of my heart to help out in making Him known.

Cos one day, when I face the Lord, I want to be able to tell Him that I have given all I have, with every ounce of effort and with every resources I’ve got, I was able to maximize and use it for the expansion of His kingdom and for His glory.

Its all or nothing. βš“


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