25 Get to Know Me Q’s

Since my site has a new theme and I feel like doing a new post before I head to the gym, let me introduce myself to you more. 😉 I searched for some about me posts and here are answers to what I found from someone’s blog post 25 Get To Know Me Q’s (just edited a few questions though). 😁

25 Get to Know Me Q’s

1. What is your first name? Svetlara Mae 💙 And I think you won’t find anyone with the same name as mine (or if you do, the probability is like 1 out of 10). 😸

2. What was favorite subject at school? When I was in highschool, I’ve always loved my Speech Class primarily because we did essay writings, speech choirs and debates there. And sige, Calculus. Haha! Not because I love Math (cos I am not actually good at it) but it challenged me to the core. My classmates in highschool can attest to that. 😂 In college, I love International Law. And I thank God I got one of the best INTLAW professors ever! 😁 (Actually I’ve been thinking to go to law school after college, but I don’t think I can live with the sacrifice of going to one.)

3. What is your favorite drink? Starbucks Peppermint Mocha and Wendy’s Strawberry Frosty 👌

4. What is your favorite song at the moment? Yellow by ColdplayGood Good Father by Housefires II and Dead Come Alive 💚

5. What is your favorite food? Taco Bell’s soft tacos and quesadilla Sbarro’s zitti and Chilli’s fish and chips 😍

6. What is the last thing you bought? Gym leggings and gym socks 👅 Seryosohan na talaga to sa gym! 😹

7. Favorite book of all time? That would be Harry Potter 1 to 7 and the bible 👌

8. Favorite Color? Well now, its Pink and Gold. Its usually the brightest or darkest shade of Pink and Gold (or anything that sparkles) 😁

9. Do you have any pets? None. Honestly, I’m afraid of dogs and cats so I will probably get a fish for a pet.

10. Favorite Perfume? I don’t like perfumes that much, I’ve been using Johnson’s and Johnson Powder Mist baby cologne for as long as I know. 😊

11. Favorite Holiday? Christmas holidays! WITHOUT A DOUBT 💙 I love the spirit of joy and kindness it brings, I love buying and wrapping gifts, all the reunions and all the family times. 💗

12. Are you married? No, not yet. 😉

13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?  Not yet. Actually, I really want to but I want to travel with Josh. But we want to travel together once we get married. 😸

14. Do you speak any other language? I studied Spanish back in college but it did not stick as much as I want to. I’m better at writing though, than speaking it.

15. How many siblings do you have? I have two older sisters and one younger brother. So yep, I am a middle child with all the middle child syndrome and issues. BEFORE. Thank God He changed my heart. Really. Read my post about it: Freedom Reigns 👌

16. What is your favorite shop? Japan Store, no kidding 😄 And any bazaar that features washi tapes, pens and other art crafts. 😍

17. Favorite restaurant? Without a doubt, Chilli’s. 👌

18. When was the last time you cried? Last week? During worship time in our youth service. 💙

19. Favorite Blog? Well actually I’m just new again to the blogging world so I haven’t found any blogsites that I really like and follow yet. Of course, except Maine Mendoza‘s. 😻

20. Favorite Movie? The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, Blended. 💛 Actually all Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler movies! And Harry Potter, Avengers series, Batman. Fast and the Furious series, The Hunger Games, Gone in 60 Seconds. Actually, I have a lot of favorites. But the movie that I can watch over and over again without getting tired is really The Wedding Singer. ❤

21. Favorite TV shows? FRIENDS is probably on top of my list! But I also binge-watch Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. 😸

22. PC or Mac?: Any good use laptop will do. I don’t know much about gadgets, hehe.

23. What phone do you have? Samsung S5 (I’m waiting for Samsung S7, hope the price is friendly enough for me to swipe my card for it lol 😂)

24. How tall are you? 5 feet (crying inside 😹)

25. Can you cook? People think I don’t but I do. And I think its an innate talent in our family cos my dad is really a great cook. 👌

So there you go, time to head to the gym. Wish me luck. 😸 ⚓



My Two and Seventy Five Cents 👌

My two (and seventy five) cents that I’ve been seriously thinking about for days. Not to convince anyone of my belief or force them to side with me but this is for me. For me to rightfully assess where my faith and stand is. Homosexuality has been there since Sodom and Gomorrah, but the main point here is about marriage. The way God designed marriage – for a man & woman – in accordance to their callings as husband and wife. And yes, the bible is offensive. Especially if you are a sinner, whether or not you’re a homosexual. I actually get offended by the bible, even by preachers. And that ‘s totally fine, because we have to identify what’s right from wrong, good from evil. So no need for condemnation, there’s the bible for it. I am sure one of these days, same sex marriages will be legalized and the norm would be totally different from what it was before and what it is today. And by law, that is their human right, to be equally acknowledged and to get the freedom a man or a woman gets to enjoy. Still, let’s respect the fact that my desire (as well as most Christians) for my future kids is to stand true to their faith and be Christ followers according to His teachings. Yes, no person can ultimately follow everything that is written in the Word but Christianity is not about being perfect. It is about pursuing the Lord – that in all our shortcomings as a sinful human, we find peace in repenting from our sins and deciding again to follow Him. A daily pursuit of our faith in Jesus and obedience to His Word. That’s all it is. Bottomline: I want a marriage (and promote one) where the man functions as the husband and the woman functions as the wife – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and EVEN sexually. I want that because I want to experience the beauty of it all the way my God designed it to be. 💙

(And no, I will not engage in any discussion about this. Either you just read it or just read it. 😉💛)

Freedom Reigns

I met a Savior who made me whole and secured and most importantly, a Savior who freed me from the world of judgment, temptation and deceit by introducing me eternity.

“If you’re tired and thirsty. There is freedom. Give your all to Jesus. There is freedom.”

We just finished our first ever special event at Hotrock today and I am currently listening to Kim Walker-Smith’s Freedom Reigns. Over and over as the song keeps on playing, I cannot help but feel grateful about Jesus.

Yes I am a Christian, not by religion, but through faith and by heart. I strive and fight for my personal relationship with the Lord and I’ll admit it has not been easy. I do not think it will ever be easy to pursue your relationship with the Lord in a world that is full of judgment, temptation and deceit. Just this week, if you’ve been watching the news and scrolling down your Facebook newsfeed, Manny Pacquiao’s personal stand on same-sex marriage based on his Christian beliefs received all sorts of responses, BUT I am not here to write down my opinion on it (cos I am pretty sure there’s plenty of it out there already). I am here to introduce you to my Jesus and His love.

I won’t probably capture the entirety of God’s love for people but my story can somehow depict how gracious a God He is.

I have been a Christian since I was a kid, around 7 or 8 I guess, but I began to know the Lord even more when I was a teenager when I started attending youth camps. After probably 100 youth camps (okay I’m exaggerating but you get the point), finally I decided to surrender everything to Jesus. And by surrender, I meant giving up control over my life. I’m not sure if you will be able to understand where I’m coming from but growing up, I was not a very secured person. I always look up to other people — particularly, men — for acceptance and security. My self-acceptance was always dependent on something or someone. I’ll probably elaborate on this some other blogpost but to cut it short, I did a lot of things in the past for all the wrong reasons. Then, I met this God who loved me wholly and unconditionally. A God who made me feel that I don’t have to try so hard just so I could feel loved. A God who filled whatever void I felt in my heart and my being. A God who wholly loved me. And what’s even more amazing is that I could feel it deep within my soul.

“Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

The day I made a decision to surrender everything to Him, for the first time in my life, I felt free. I felt satisfied. I felt sure.

Free of judgment. Satisfied of His love. Sure of His promise.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

And today was just another confirmation of the Lord’s goodness in my life as I spoke about discovering your passion infront of a group of young people. Years ago, I was like anybody else struggling in finding what I want to do in life. Not sure of what’s ahead. But praise the Lord that through His grace, I was able to be directed to my one true calling and that is to love the Lord and reach out to the younger generation with all that I’ve got. In my highs and lows, ups and downs, I will love Him and pursue this calling with all I have. And I will never ever regret that decision. Yes I have sacrificed a lot of things and my lifestyle have turned 160 degrees, but I couldn’t be any more blessed than I am now because I met a Savior who made me whole and secured and most importantly, a Savior who freed me from the world of judgment, temptation and deceit by introducing me eternity.

If you’re tired and thirsty. There is freedom. Give your all to Jesus. There is freedom.”

I am able to stand up in front all because of grace. His grace just overflows, that there is no other option but to share it to others. Most especially to the younger generation. So that His greatness and faithfulness will continue to spread from one generation to another.

“Freedom reigns in this place. Showers of mercy and grace. Falling on every face. All the grace we need. There is freedom. Great is your faithfulness, O God, to this generation.”



Valentines 2016 💙

Josh has always been a man of surprises and he gives me the most random gift at the most random times. He always gives me chocolates, with or without occasion. He buys me my favorite bottled coffee almost every Saturday on the way to church. He treats me to dates for no reason at all. Sometimes, he would go pick me up in my office, willing to wait for me for almost an hour and then when I can finally get off from work, he’ll ask me out for dinner just to spend a good 30 minutes together and minsan mas matagal pa yung inantay niya sa ikinain namin. At times, when we’re going around the mall and I find something I like, he’ll offer to buy it even if its not Christmas or my birthday. Kahit I will refuse, he will ask a second and third time if sure na ba ako and still insist to buy. He has never given me flowers because he knows I don’t appreciate it so much. Don’t get me wrong though, I do admire flowers. I mean its beautiful, it looks good but I’m just not that  type of girl. I’m actually the gosh-so-in-love-with-balloons-let-me-take-a-picture-with-it type, and he knows I like balloons and he makes it a point to always incorporate them during his birthday surprises to me.

Josh has been so generous in giving me the things that I want, may it be a material need or an emotional desire. He always tries his best to make me feel secured in our relationship. So how can such man make Valentines even more special if all our days together he has already been doing his best at it?


Today, I was not expecting anything. Really. It was the first Valentines in our relationship that I never felt the need to celebrate it because I (especially after One Seminar) feel so contented with what I have with Josh and where we are in our relationship right now. And I praise God for it! The Lord has brought us to this level of our relationship all by His grace. Basically the plan today was to spend Valentines with friends and have a good full lunch, hehe. But I guess when you really do love someone, you can’t just let an opportunity to make them feel special pass, right? So this morning at church, after I went to sit beside Josh, he handed me a paper bag. No stir, walang halong kapabebehannagulat ako. I opened it and saw a set of colored pens with mini post-its. And that even got me more excited. No kidding. This person really knows me so well. (If you’ve known me and have been seeing my Facebook and Twitter posts for quite a long time now, you’ll understand my fondness towards colored pens and washi tapes, and you’ll get why this makes me so happy.) It was the set of colored pens that I still do not have – colored twin markers. FYI: I have a loooooooooot of pens. Twistable crayons, double-tip fine pens, Staedlers, Sharpees, color pencils, Muji gel pens etc. 

But this what really made my heart skip a beat. He wrote me a love letter.

“To the one and only love of my life,

Words are not enough to show and express my love and appreciation for you. But may this simple card and gifts along with it say how important you are to me not just today but for the rest of my life… You will always be the one and only exception.”

Melted my heart. And that’s not even the entire thing. ❤

I thank the Lord that even after four years in our relationship, I still get kilig and he still makes me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in class. One generation after another may come, and texting, viber messages and social media posts can change the nature of how love is expressed nowadays but love letters will never ever go out of style.


Hi hunny, I know you’ll get to read this. I want you to know that I thank the Lord for you. I praise the Lord for restoring me and giving me the chance to be loved by someone like you. I know you are not perfect and never will be, but you will always be my confirmation that the Lord makes everything beautiful in its time. Remember almost ten years ago, the time when you asked me to dance without music a few weeks before my first prom? We were not schoolmates and I told you how I wish you’d be my first dance but that’s not possible because outsiders are not allowed in my school. Then, right there, you stood up and asked me to dance. Para tayong mga baliw, yung mga mala-Kimerald sweet-sweet movies hehe. But let me tell you that no matter what happens, we may have grown so much different from that time and we may never be the old Mae and old Josh, I will still never hope for a better first dance than ours.

If I am your only exception, you’re my only option. Happy Valentines day, looove! 💙 ⚓


The Sunday Currently 02 | Staycation

aruga staycation

Yep, we’re checked-in tonight here in Aruga. 😊 It’s the first hotel venture of my favorite company (the company where I work at lol) – Rockwell. 👌 And here goes my TSC Volume 2. 😄


C U R R E N T L Y 

Sadly, nothing. 😫 Remember the last book I said I was reading? Yep, I wasn’t able to continue that. But hopefulllllllly, really with fingers crossed, I will be able to go back to reading again! 😄

The Sunday Currently Vol. 2 👌 Gosh, its already February and I am just in Volume 2. That’s not a healthy sign in blogging. 🙈 But promise, I will try to write more in the next coming days. I have set writing plans so it will be easier for me to post stuff here until I finally get the hang of it.

To dialogues in Antman movie. My sister and brother is watching here in the sala while I’m doing this entry. 😁

About tomorrow, my cousin’s big day! 💚 It’s actually the main reason why we are checked-in tonight. We will be attending my cousin’s wedding somewhere in Quezon City and it will be a lot easier for the whole family to come from here in Makati. 😊

That liempo with a yummy timpla of sauce. I think its Clare Ole’s Hickory sauce. It was our dinner, and the smell is still around the place. Its yummy actually, I recommend it.

That I could sleep more than 6 hours tonight. But nah, that’s impossible cos its already 1030pm and I have to get up by 5am. And I’ll probably fall asleep by 12am. 🙈

That we will be granted a late check-out tomorrow! Aruga, please? 😹 I hope the check-ins tomorrow for our unit type’s not that many so we can be allowed to stay longer. (Wedding is at 4PM btw, and we don’t know where we’ll be hanging out if we checked out by 12NN.)👽

Black round-neck Uniqlo shirt and blue Uniqlo jeggings 👯 AND yes, I like Uniqlo very much. They’re clothes are very comfy!

ARUGA! Its not because I work in the same company. The place is really wonderful! Its spacious plus the furniture, beds and even the kitchen stuff are great. We’ll definitely be back. And I strongly recommend this hotel/serviced apartment to everyone. Visit their site at: http://www.arugabyrockwell.com/

To sleep longer. But well, because we’re attending a wedding tomorrow and the call time for hair & make up is as early as 8AM, I don’t think I will have a long sleep. 🙊 Good thing I’m on leave on Tuesday. 😄

GYM! Skipped gym this week because I was too busy at work. I had to take on associate workload to cover for my subordinate while she’s on indefinite leave. So busy at work really, and very tiring! But kaya ko to. #Labanlang 💪

Excited for my look tomorrow! 😍 I’m having my SMG come over here at the hotel to do my sister’s make up and since I also want to look good tomorrow (plus photo-opportunity sesh lol), I will also have my make up done + my mom’s. 😜 Btw, if you are looking for HMUA, I recommend her! Check out her page: Make Up by Sofia Day


Noticed that I promoted a lot in this post, lol. Anyway, gotta go now and have my beauty sleep. (Wow akala mo wedding ko eh, noh?) HAHAHA!

Anyway, good night imaginary reader lol. ⚓