The Sunday Currently 02 | Staycation

aruga staycation

Yep, we’re checked-in tonight here in Aruga. 😊 It’s the first hotel venture of my favorite company (the company where I work at lol) – Rockwell. 👌 And here goes my TSC Volume 2. 😄


C U R R E N T L Y 

Sadly, nothing. 😫 Remember the last book I said I was reading? Yep, I wasn’t able to continue that. But hopefulllllllly, really with fingers crossed, I will be able to go back to reading again! 😄

The Sunday Currently Vol. 2 👌 Gosh, its already February and I am just in Volume 2. That’s not a healthy sign in blogging. 🙈 But promise, I will try to write more in the next coming days. I have set writing plans so it will be easier for me to post stuff here until I finally get the hang of it.

To dialogues in Antman movie. My sister and brother is watching here in the sala while I’m doing this entry. 😁

About tomorrow, my cousin’s big day! 💚 It’s actually the main reason why we are checked-in tonight. We will be attending my cousin’s wedding somewhere in Quezon City and it will be a lot easier for the whole family to come from here in Makati. 😊

That liempo with a yummy timpla of sauce. I think its Clare Ole’s Hickory sauce. It was our dinner, and the smell is still around the place. Its yummy actually, I recommend it.

That I could sleep more than 6 hours tonight. But nah, that’s impossible cos its already 1030pm and I have to get up by 5am. And I’ll probably fall asleep by 12am. 🙈

That we will be granted a late check-out tomorrow! Aruga, please? 😹 I hope the check-ins tomorrow for our unit type’s not that many so we can be allowed to stay longer. (Wedding is at 4PM btw, and we don’t know where we’ll be hanging out if we checked out by 12NN.)👽

Black round-neck Uniqlo shirt and blue Uniqlo jeggings 👯 AND yes, I like Uniqlo very much. They’re clothes are very comfy!

ARUGA! Its not because I work in the same company. The place is really wonderful! Its spacious plus the furniture, beds and even the kitchen stuff are great. We’ll definitely be back. And I strongly recommend this hotel/serviced apartment to everyone. Visit their site at:

To sleep longer. But well, because we’re attending a wedding tomorrow and the call time for hair & make up is as early as 8AM, I don’t think I will have a long sleep. 🙊 Good thing I’m on leave on Tuesday. 😄

GYM! Skipped gym this week because I was too busy at work. I had to take on associate workload to cover for my subordinate while she’s on indefinite leave. So busy at work really, and very tiring! But kaya ko to. #Labanlang 💪

Excited for my look tomorrow! 😍 I’m having my SMG come over here at the hotel to do my sister’s make up and since I also want to look good tomorrow (plus photo-opportunity sesh lol), I will also have my make up done + my mom’s. 😜 Btw, if you are looking for HMUA, I recommend her! Check out her page: Make Up by Sofia Day


Noticed that I promoted a lot in this post, lol. Anyway, gotta go now and have my beauty sleep. (Wow akala mo wedding ko eh, noh?) HAHAHA!

Anyway, good night imaginary reader lol. ⚓


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