Valentines 2016 💙

Josh has always been a man of surprises and he gives me the most random gift at the most random times. He always gives me chocolates, with or without occasion. He buys me my favorite bottled coffee almost every Saturday on the way to church. He treats me to dates for no reason at all. Sometimes, he would go pick me up in my office, willing to wait for me for almost an hour and then when I can finally get off from work, he’ll ask me out for dinner just to spend a good 30 minutes together and minsan mas matagal pa yung inantay niya sa ikinain namin. At times, when we’re going around the mall and I find something I like, he’ll offer to buy it even if its not Christmas or my birthday. Kahit I will refuse, he will ask a second and third time if sure na ba ako and still insist to buy. He has never given me flowers because he knows I don’t appreciate it so much. Don’t get me wrong though, I do admire flowers. I mean its beautiful, it looks good but I’m just not that  type of girl. I’m actually the gosh-so-in-love-with-balloons-let-me-take-a-picture-with-it type, and he knows I like balloons and he makes it a point to always incorporate them during his birthday surprises to me.

Josh has been so generous in giving me the things that I want, may it be a material need or an emotional desire. He always tries his best to make me feel secured in our relationship. So how can such man make Valentines even more special if all our days together he has already been doing his best at it?


Today, I was not expecting anything. Really. It was the first Valentines in our relationship that I never felt the need to celebrate it because I (especially after One Seminar) feel so contented with what I have with Josh and where we are in our relationship right now. And I praise God for it! The Lord has brought us to this level of our relationship all by His grace. Basically the plan today was to spend Valentines with friends and have a good full lunch, hehe. But I guess when you really do love someone, you can’t just let an opportunity to make them feel special pass, right? So this morning at church, after I went to sit beside Josh, he handed me a paper bag. No stir, walang halong kapabebehannagulat ako. I opened it and saw a set of colored pens with mini post-its. And that even got me more excited. No kidding. This person really knows me so well. (If you’ve known me and have been seeing my Facebook and Twitter posts for quite a long time now, you’ll understand my fondness towards colored pens and washi tapes, and you’ll get why this makes me so happy.) It was the set of colored pens that I still do not have – colored twin markers. FYI: I have a loooooooooot of pens. Twistable crayons, double-tip fine pens, Staedlers, Sharpees, color pencils, Muji gel pens etc. 

But this what really made my heart skip a beat. He wrote me a love letter.

“To the one and only love of my life,

Words are not enough to show and express my love and appreciation for you. But may this simple card and gifts along with it say how important you are to me not just today but for the rest of my life… You will always be the one and only exception.”

Melted my heart. And that’s not even the entire thing. ❤

I thank the Lord that even after four years in our relationship, I still get kilig and he still makes me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in class. One generation after another may come, and texting, viber messages and social media posts can change the nature of how love is expressed nowadays but love letters will never ever go out of style.


Hi hunny, I know you’ll get to read this. I want you to know that I thank the Lord for you. I praise the Lord for restoring me and giving me the chance to be loved by someone like you. I know you are not perfect and never will be, but you will always be my confirmation that the Lord makes everything beautiful in its time. Remember almost ten years ago, the time when you asked me to dance without music a few weeks before my first prom? We were not schoolmates and I told you how I wish you’d be my first dance but that’s not possible because outsiders are not allowed in my school. Then, right there, you stood up and asked me to dance. Para tayong mga baliw, yung mga mala-Kimerald sweet-sweet movies hehe. But let me tell you that no matter what happens, we may have grown so much different from that time and we may never be the old Mae and old Josh, I will still never hope for a better first dance than ours.

If I am your only exception, you’re my only option. Happy Valentines day, looove! 💙 ⚓



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