My Two and Seventy Five Cents πŸ‘Œ

My two (and seventy five) cents that I’ve been seriously thinking about for days. Not to convince anyoneΒ of my belief or force them to side with me but this is for me. For me to rightfully assess where my faith and stand is. Homosexuality has been there since Sodom and Gomorrah, but the main point here is about marriage. The way God designed marriage – for a man & woman – in accordance to their callings as husband and wife. And yes, the bible is offensive. Especially if you are a sinner, whether or not you’re a homosexual. I actually get offended by the bible, even by preachers. And that ‘s totally fine, because we have to identify what’s right from wrong, good from evil. So no need for condemnation, there’s the bible for it. I am sure one of these days, same sex marriages will be legalized and the norm would be totally different from what it was before and what it is today. And by law, that is their human right, to be equally acknowledged and to get the freedom a man or a woman gets to enjoy. Still, let’s respect the fact that my desire (as well as most Christians) for my future kids is to stand true to their faith and be Christ followers according to His teachings. Yes, no person can ultimately follow everything that is written in the Word but Christianity is not about being perfect. It is about pursuing the Lord – that in all our shortcomings as a sinful human, we find peace in repenting from our sins and deciding again to follow Him. A daily pursuit of our faith in Jesus and obedience to His Word. That’s all it is. Bottomline: I want a marriage (and promote one) where the man functions as the husband and the woman functions as the wife – emotionally, mentally, spiritually and EVEN sexually. I want that because I want to experience the beauty of it all the way my God designed it to be. πŸ’™

(And no, I will not engage in any discussion about this. Either you just read it or just read it.Β πŸ˜‰πŸ’›)


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