On My Playlist: Need Jesus?

I pray that this playlist will speak to you as much as its speaking to me, leaving me to want AND NEED more of Jesus.


Thirty -five days to go before camp and there are SO many things that I want to write and share but I cannot find time yet — I know no excuses but…. 😪. (Note to self: I will find time this week to sit down, meditate and finally come up with a decent blog. So help me God.)

But I still have a few minutes to spare so I’m sharing my playlist today.

The past days, I found myself needing the Lord all the more in my life. Not only because its camp season but because I just know for a fact that I have been not faithful in talking to the Lord the past days. Just like what Josh said last night in our YPC meeting, yes we all pray but that’s us talking to the Lord — how about the Lord talking to us? And the only way that the Lord will be able to speak to us is through reading and meditation of His Word. You might find yourself reading self-help or spiritual books, checking online devotions or listening to worship songs (just like what I’m doing, thanks Spotify!) BUT if we don’t stop, remove ALL the distractions, open our bible and really seek the Lord then stop fooling yourself, you’re not spending time with Him. (And I am not exempted, I also speak for myself.)

So I pray that this playlist will speak to you as much as its speaking to me, leaving me to want AND NEED more of Jesus:


  • All I Need Is You – Hillsong United
  • The Stand – Hillsong United
  • Search My Heart – Hillsong United
  • Broken Vessels – Hillsong Worship
  • Fill Me Up – Jesus Culture Ft. Kim Walker-Smith
  • In The River – Jesus Culture Ft. Kim Walker-Smith
  • How He Loves – Jesus Culture Ft. Kim Walker-Smith
  • 10, 000 Reasons – Jesus Culture Ft. Kim Walker-Smith
  • Touch The Sky – Hillsong United
  • Stay And Wait- Hillsong United
  • Sinking Deep – Hillsong Young & Free
  • Wake – Hillsong Young & Free
  • Love Is War – Hillsong United
  • Spirit Break Out – Kim Walker-Smith
  • I Want To Know You – Jesus Culture
  • Come To Jesus – Planetshakers
  • Cry In My Heart- Starfield

Hope that this week you will be able to find time to sit at the foot of the throne. Wifi off, phone on silent, closed eyes, no distractions. Just you and the Lord. ❤⚓

PS: Broken Vessels has gotta be my favorite. 💛

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