The Waiting Game

He does not give His children half-opened presents or used blessings — He gives exactly what we need when we need it. Put your hope in Him and cry out to Him. Do not let the devil steal your faith experience as you wait. Our hope should be greater than our doubts, so expect BIG and expect it from God. Remember that God is faithful in keeping His promise and His plans are perfect and His timing is never late.


So this has been sitting in my drafts for weeks now, and last night’s The Waiting Game episode of Grey’s Anatomy  reminded me to finish this once and for all. 😂


A month ago, I was invited to speak to a group of young adults and tbh, I had a hard time coming up with what to share. For those of you who doesn’t know, I’m a youth leader for around seven years now and I’m usually exposed to young people in the many one-on-one talks and discipleship sessions I’ve had with them (including late night texts at 2am, text marathon for hours and things in between). So I am pretty much aware of the common struggles this generation of youth is experiencing today. But young adultsWhat good can I share to a group of young adults? Especially when I am also experiencing some quarter-life crisis of my own. 😂 After days of praying and thinking, I ran into this verse:

The Lord is my portion and my inheritance,” says my soul; “Therefore I have hope in Him and wait expectantly for Him.” The Lord is good to those who wait [confidently] for Him, to those who seek Him [on the authority of God’s word]. (Lamentations 3: 24-25 AMP)

And yep, if there’s one thing we all in the mid-20s can relate to its definitely about waiting! And no, I’m not even just talking about waiting for the right one. That’s just too cliché. I’m sure in one way or another, you’ve found yourself waiting for something else. Sometimes, for something you are not even sure of.

I have waited for a lot of things. I have waited for graduation that took me two terms leave of absence and a whole lot of uncertainty on whether I’ll finish school or not. I have waited to be okay when my dad suddenly passed away (see post on Overcoming Fears Of The Past). I have waited for the right company to be in, choosing which interviews to go to and trying so hard not to settle just for the sake of having a job. I have waited to have a legal boyfriend, someone I can bring home to my family and actually approve of (and believe me, being the youngest girl in the family, it was not easy for Josh the first years but praise God he was able to overcome hehe 💓) I have waited to be allowed to go to an out of town trip with friends because hindi talaga ako pinapayagan. I even waited to have a niece, and on October I’ll have two! 😸 I have waited to be promotedambitious as it may be but on my first days in Rockwell, I really counted all the steps I have to go through before I can reach that certain position. I computed the years I have to stay in the company and prepared for the things I need to go through to achieve my goal. And the waiting game just never stops. 🙈 Sometimes, its even getting more frustrating and you’ve now become more impatient than ever. But you know what the say, “After the storm comes the calm.” So you better keep holding on especially when the times are hardest, cos what you’re waiting for might be just around the corner.

While some of us do not know how to play this waiting game well, here’s what the Lord taught me through Lamentations 3:24-25 and how it personally hit me:

1. Wait expectantly. I have learned over time that waiting is more than just sitting on the couch or watching the clock ticks. For the most parts of waiting, you have to convince yourself and believe that what you are waiting for is worth it. Do not feed your doubts and anxieties. Have high hopes! Be excited and expectant as you wait! God is the giver of all good and perfect things (James 1:17) and He knows the deepest desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4), He does not give His children half-opened presents or used blessings — He gives exactly what we need when we need it. Put your hope in Him and cry out to Him. Do not let the devil steal your faith experience as you wait. Our hope should be greater than our doubts, so expect BIG and expect it from God.

2. Wait confidently. Our way is not always God’s way, and our timetable is not always the same as His. God will not adjust according to our plans, but as a witness myself, I’ve experienced how perfect the plans of the Lord are in my life even at the times when nothing actually makes sense. Most of the things that I waited for did not come at the time I wanted it to happen, some did not actually happen (like my dad being able to see the fruits of his hard work and not being able to treat him on my first payday) but looking back now, I can’t help but smile at how everything just works out beautifully. Learning to be confident in the Lord made me trust His plans more than my own, and no other else can give me that security except Him — not my skills, my ministry or even my career. Only through Him that I am able to sleep every night and be at peace knowing that He is in control, and I will not dare steal that control from Him. At the times when you feel like your prayers don’t get answered, just take a deep breath, be brave and courageous and remain confident in the truth that you will be able to see and experience His goodness in the land of the living (Psalm 27:13-14).

3. Wait searchingly. Many times I have found myself bargaining with the Lord as I get impatient on the things that I’ve been praying for. I start to whine, complain and contemplate on lowering my standards just so I could make things work according to my own wants. Truth is, sometimes when we wait, we become impulsive — and we settle. In the dictionary, searchingly means to look into thoroughly, to find or come to know by inquiry, and when we wait, we forget that. Lamentations teaches us to carefully wait, to think about what comes from the Lord and what does not. Not because something is in front of you, it is already for you. Be wise in action and in words. Of course, it is easier said than done, but reminding yourself of your standards is a great practice in keeping it intact. I have been a fool (for most times) in my life and the effects have not been good, so I’m telling you now, don’t mess up the Lord’s plan in your life especially when you know its not for you. If you want things right, do it right.

I am still a work in progress, I still get impatient and sometimes, I throw tantrums to God when things don’t go my way. There are things in my life that I’m still waiting for, but I want to be hopeful, confident and wise as I wait. So, if like me, you’re also waiting for something — for a breakthrough, for a job offer, a promotion, a change — remember that God is faithful in keeping His promise, His plans are perfect and His timing is never late. 💛⚓


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