All or Nothing

I was not supposed to post an entry today but hey, I discovered a mobile app for WordPress — so let’s see if this will work. 😏

I came home from a bible study with our girl young leaders and thank you Lord, it was a great night. ❤ Tbh, back then, I never saw myself being so devoted and committed to discipling people. Growing up as a bunso (in a way, cos I am the youngest girl and my dad’s favorite) made me feel that I am always entitled to something, but through the years, I was able to really embrace my calling to teach and mentor young girls as they continue their walk with the Lord. I feel a different surge of inspiration and motivation whenever I am preaching about reaching out to others, discipling and developing them to be the person God calls them to be. Its such a good feeling to be a part of these girls’ journey in pursuing Lord and I continuously pray that one day, they will be able to emulate our love for the ministry and commit to it themselves.

Now, its as really been the cry of my heart to help out in making Him known.

Cos one day, when I face the Lord, I want to be able to tell Him that I have given all I have, with every ounce of effort and with every resources I’ve got, I was able to maximize and use it for the expansion of His kingdom and for His glory.

Its all or nothing. ⚓


Four Years 💚

Today, my love and I are celebrating our four years of being together. 💓 And I praise the Lord for His faithfulness! Really, if it wasn’t for Him, we wouldn’t be together today — so happy sitting beside each other. 💑

4years 02

The past year has been wonderful, amazing and challenging for us. Had more responsibilities for us at work – he had a lot of out of town trips and I took over a higher role in the office – and those took a lot of energy and time from us but the Lord has been gracious, we were able to pull it off! Plus, the highlights of all is that we’re done with One Seminar 😊 And I am just so excited for this 2016, for all the things that will happen and for the things that we will get to experience as individuals and as a couple. 😄

Sometimes, I still cannot imagine that this person who I have met more than 15 years ago will fall in love with me and pursue me and actually stay in my life. Our story is like an endless strand of chances, but its actually more of a God-written fate. Our paths keep on bumping into each other until it was finally time to be together

Thank you my love, for never giving up on me all these years. Most especially for pursuing the Lord, because along the way, you found me pursuing Him as well — and the rest was amazingly crazy. 😚

Here’s to us, looking forward to more lunch dates together. ❤

4years 01


Why Am I Here? ⚓

And I’m back. So like what I promised, I’ll do introduction on my next entry. 😺

We don’t actually have to go through the usual lengthy let me introduce my life to you cos for sure, as I continue to post more on this blog site, you will very much get a glimpse of who I am and what I am like. I will just give a little background, perhaps? 👀


I am a 25 year-old girl trying to make things work in the adult world. (I guess that’s the most perfect definition of myself 🙈)

I have now been working for 4 years, have a boyfriend of 4 years as well (who, I think, will sometimes be my topic heehee 😸) and I always had a passion for writing ever since I was in highschool. Back then, Tumblr and Multiply were becoming a hit because people are now into telling stories about themselves through posting album photos and blogposts. I, myself, was so addicted to doing it as well. I have kept journals, diaries and planners since I was in grade 6 (up until today) and being introduced to a different form of journaling made me all the more excited to write and tell stories about different things – mostly about my boyfriend at the time, my thoughts on life, frustrations and anger issues lol, and then later on, when I got serious with my relationship with the Lord, about Him, His faithfulness and goodness. And that is basically the reason why I made another personal blog site. To write about all these things again and perhaps inspire others along the way. 

Before this, I also have three other blog sites. My first ever was my Tumblr account which I started while I was still in highschool but something drastic happened in my life and stopped writing. After around three years, I wanted to go back to blogging again, but then my URL was being directed to another website and I can no longer access it. 😔 My years worth of posts, photos and sharings gone…. 😫 My second was on and I cannot remember my password and username on that one so I can’t use it as well anymore. Then the third, since I love Tumblr still, I created a new one (you can still visit it at but I wanted to try wordpress for my personal blogging and thoughts dump – basically to declutter my mind of everything I am always always thinking about and hopefully by God’s wisdom and grace, people or imaginary readers will be able to get something out of whatever it is that I am blogging about.

So yes, this is me at wordpress. We’ll surely be spending more time this 2016 and you will surely get to know me better. Til my next post! 💚

The name by the way is, Svetlara Visaya. ⚓

Svetlara 01 - Intro Blog Photo